Welcome!French restaurant "Ebisu Mushroom (mushroom)" located just in the middle of Ebisu and Daikanyama. We are handmade carefully using the ingredients carefully selected from the sea, mountains searched from various places.

I hope to be a restaurant that delicious seasonal ingredients and special mushrooms can demonstrate the momentary sparkle to their full potential.

I think that you can enjoy French cuisine esprit in cozy space and reasonably enjoy unique creative taste.

We also wait for a wide variety of fresh cheeses with more than 80 kinds of wine, white, red, when drinking, and aged fairly well.


Reservation policy


We are a small restaurant about 20 seats. Please make a reservation when you come. (Especially dinner time)








◆日本国内でご連絡がつく、E-mailまたはPhone Noを必ずご記入ください。





◆10歳以上のお子様からのご利用をお願いいたしております。( 着席してお食事ができること、他のお客様にご迷惑がかからないことが目安です。)





※Cancelation Policy:

When you cancel your reservation or in case of no-show,we will charge cancelation fee as following.

◆On the day : 100% of minimum price of course meal in the time zone reserved per person or 100% of the amount of the course menu reserved per person.

◆On a day before~two days before the reservation date : 50% of minimum price of course meal in the time zone reserved per person or 50% of the amount of the course menu reserved per person.
※Important note :

◆Please make sure to enter email or Phone no that we can reach you within Japan.

◆If you wish to reserve course menu, please fill out which course you would like to have.

◆if you have any food allergy or ingredients you don't like,Please fill out in advance.

◆For lunch, we accept cash only.

◆We are sorry that our restaurant does not accept children under 10years-old.

※ For special occasion such as anniversary :

◆If your reservation is for special occasion such as anniversary, please let us know.We will offer name plate, candle, and one dessert menu for free.  


Restaurant Information

・店名:恵比寿マッシュルーム (MUSHROOM)


・住所:〒150-0021東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-16-3 ゼネラルビル恵比寿西 中2F



JR山手線・埼京線【恵比寿駅】西口 徒歩4分



・定休日:月曜日 他に不定休あり






・禁煙・喫煙:  完全禁煙


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